About Rockingham Ranch

Nestled in the beautiful Santa Monica mountain range of Southern California, Rockingham Ranch is home to owner Gary Hartunian. Hartunian grew up in the San Fernando Valley and spent much of his childhood out at the Santa Anita Racetrack. His father owned a few horses in the 1980’s and would bring Gary and his siblings out to the track. Hartunian quickly fell in love with the sport, a feeling that he held onto into his adult life.

In 2012, Gary decided to purchase a few horses and get back into the sport. Quickly, Hartunian realized that he did not want to wait every month to watch his horse run, so naturally he purchased more horses. After 3 years, Rockingham Ranch grew from a single horse stable to a 45 horse stable.

Today Rockingham Ranch has over 100 horses and has expanded into a breeding operation as well. Hartunian has partnered up with some of the industry’s best trainers, breeders and stabling farms. Rockingham Ranch has become one of the premier thoroughbred horse racing stables in the world.

Meet Our Team